Convent of Betlehem

Growing up, I was surrounded by various religions and different cultures however, I never had the interest to follow one religion as I am intrigued why people dedicate their life to one God? How do you become a beloved one to God? Why can’t God accept us for who you and I are? All these unanswered questions were racing through my mind that’s why I decided to unriddle them. The Convent of Bethlehem which is located in a small town in Antwerp (Duffle) and is established by loving nuns. Their mission in life is to devote their own lives to our community by providing; food to children in need, … These dedicated nuns or preferred to be called Sisters took my breath away and gave me a better understanding why we should believe in a God. By following the 10 Commandments of God, it directs us humans to a loving and caring path; give back to the people who are in need, support the beloved ones who are in grief, do not harm yourself or others, … One inspiring message by a Sister will always stay with me, ‘’Be kind to the unkind’’.